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Do you do commission work?

Yes! You can inquire about a commission piece through the contact page or by direct email: Commission work is operated under a first come first serve basis. Upon inquiry, I will provide a breakdown of various subject matter, sizes, and the prices that accompany each. This way, you as the customer receive a wide range of different possibilities to choose what best suit your needs. Once the specifics of the piece are decided, I provide an estimated start date as well as an estimated time of completion. 

What commission services do you offer?

I offer an extended variety of commission imagery options including, but not limited to, family and individual portraits, animal portraits, golf courses, landscapes, still life, abstract work, and custom commissions related to my personal collections. When in doubt, just ask! There is no imagery that is out of the question! Explore the "Commission" tab for examples of previous commission work!

How much does a painting or drawing cost? 

The cost of a custom painting or drawing is largely dependent canvas size, with custom pieces starting as low as $200. 

What is your return or exchange policy? 

I do not allow any returns or exchanges for custom pieces or prints unless there is proof of damage during shipping. To mitigate any possible issues, I offer customers various photos in different light of the piece of interest, upon request!



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